“Andrea is an experienced HR professional with a particular expertise in the area of diversity, inclusion and engagement. She worked with NHS Employers in an advisory capacity on a national consultative group on equality and diversity issues for a number of years. This group was a partnership group – working closely with national trades unions and staff associations – with a remit for equality proofing national terms and conditions of service. Andrea also participated in a national peer support networking programme where she shared her extensive frontline experience of dealing with equality and diversity issues in relation to recruitment, retention and engagement with colleagues from across the country. She also participated in a national podcast around diversity monitoring and developed a case study with NHS Employers to showcase the work of her NHS trust in that area”

Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at NHS Employers 

“Andrea was the person who had the foresight and the imagination to ensure that Equality and Diversity was adopted as an e-Learning package in Liverpool PCT.  Andrea chaired the local network and working group that worked on the development of the e-Learning content. This network later evaluated the package with a view to its adoption as the preferred method of training delivery. Without Andrea’s enthusiasm this project may have faltered. I would endorse any product that has had Andrea’s involvement.”

David Bromilow, NLP Practitioner

“Andrea is a highly talented HR professional who is an excellent strategist whilst delivering the detail. She was always extremely reliable and you could count on her to produce very high quality work. She’s also very friendly, personable and conscientious” 

Lucy Gartside, Director, Gartside Associates

I reached out to Andrea as a mentor to support me in my new role in the People team and most especially leading the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging programme. Andrea’s extensive knowledge and experience has been invaluable on my journey.

Gill Cooke, Propositions & Engagement Lead, Berkshire UK

I am glad to be a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Leaders space group and truly enjoy the interactions on the forum. This has been one safe place for me to ask questions, share knowledge and support like minded folks going through different phases of the D&I journey. This group has helped me immensely in articulating and finding solutions to the various D&I challenges and move forward to help and support my clients and also help other folks needing help as well. Its been an absolute pleasure interacting with Andrea as she moderates the forum very efficiently and diligently, guiding members towards resources. I love how she mitigates incorrect posts and posts that go against the group ethos with subtle yet firm Leadership direction. I look forward to exciting days ahead and contribute and support the group where I can. Best wishes to you Andrea.

Lavanya Soman, Found and DEI Culture Transformation Architect, Sstraight Circles, Chennai, India

I am pleased to be part of a diverse group that is supporting and caring for one another. I have found the group is always forthcoming to help the members with any questions they may have. DEI is an evolving space and there is a lot learn. it is nice be part of a supportive group, all trying to do their bit for equality and inspire others to do the same.

Renu Gundula, Director, Talent Grader (about the Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Facebook group)

Andrea has created the Inclusion and Diversity Leaders Space on the Facebook group. This group is a great place to share resources, get advice, have a constructive discussion on the topics of D&I interest as well as get support and encouragement from the members. Andrea provides useful comments and resources and ensures the place remains a safe space for everyone to be able to express themselves and conduct meaningful discussion.

I found this Facebook group to be a welcoming and inclusive place indeed that builds on the strengths and diversity of the members with Andrea’s guidance and support. 

I can highly recommend joining this group to any D&I leader.

Anna Jakielazak, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, See Be Mean

Andrea has created a strong collaborative community through her Facebook group The Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Space which brings together people working in or on the D&I agenda and creates a platform for sharing knowledge, good practice and also seek views and ideas on how to solve a wide range D&I challenges in the workplace. She has nurtured the group and made it a very supportive community of people who share a common goal.

Victoria Dale, HR Consultant